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of Stephen Brown

An English artist in Celrà, Girona, Catalunya, Spain

This page is being updated. It will be about Girona and a little more about me!

A little bit about myself: I spent my early career in sound in television, working for the BBC. Then I ran my own company, Applied Microsystems Ltd, making electronic products for professional audio and building controls such as air conditioning and access control. When I came to Girona, I switched to art and that is what I do most of the time. But I use my technical knowledge for designing websites and for graphic design. Maybe I can do the same for you!


Stephen Brown Celrà, Girona, Catalunya, Spain.

I am having fun being transgender these days! So I added the Rainbow Flag!

I will tell you more soon. Don't worry, I'm not chopping any bits off!


Updated: 09 septiembre 17



Have a look at my photo archive, (click on the image) most pictures were shot on film. Yes, film! Remember that?



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Here is a link to Catalonia Today showing an article in the series My Space. The photo shows what to me is heaven! A huge desk with a computer, paints, paper, etc etc!

And a link to my inverview on El Punt TV It's a long time ago; I look very different!!