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A different approach to teaching art: Colour!

My theory is that the first steps to learning about art should be in mixing colour instead of the usual drawing and perspective. Apart from being great fun, it doesn't require any great skill but it will teach many aspects of art before you realise it.

Discover that blue and yellow do make green but not in the way you expected! And here is a link to the book that tells you all about it!

Learn how to use a small selection of pure pigments to obtain a huge range of colours. The 6-colour palette: two reds, two blues and two yellows.

What I won't do! I never touch anyone's artwork. Opinion is split about whether this is OK or not but I don't like to see a teacher painting on someone else's work. Instructing, of course, but the result should be entirely that of the artist.

Updated 23/10/18

Art Classes in Girona - Classes de arte en Girona, Catalunya, Spain by Steve Brown Here we will be arranging art classes in Girona linked to online video tutorials with an emphasis on watercolour and drawing. When the fine weather comes along, we can go out on location! This website is part of Mezcla.biz. Click on the logo on the left to go to the home page where you will find contact details. Classes are in English with some Castellano if something needs clarifying. I'm sorry I don't speak Catalan but here is a chance to improve your English and art at the same time! (unless you are already English-speaking!)

Materials All you need is supplied in the early stages or bring your own. I hope I will introduce you to new ideas, then you can go out and buy the materials you want, either in Girona or online. For online purchases I use either Ken Bromley Art Materials in the UK (ideal for Winsor & Newton) or Barna-Art in Barcelona. If you fancy a trip to Perpignan, I can introduce you to a marvellous art shop there!

An important question: How much? I base my time on an hourly rate of 20 but this would be shared if there is a group. I would like to add a figure of up to 4 per person for materials per session (but this is flexible if your own materials are ok but I may try to persuade you to change!). As an example, four people during two hours: each would pay 14. The steps may be as follows but much depends on what you want:

Colour theory - mixing colour is great fun! Drawing and perspective. Watercolour painting - people say it's difficult. Not true. But you can't correct errors so it involves a planned approach to a painting. The mechanics of watercolour: using different papers, ways of mounting the paper Framing your watercolours economically Acrylics, together with tips on making a palette where the paint doesn't dry Acrylics: different surfaces, using gel medium and all other kinds of mediums. Oil with tips on how to make your own canvasses. A brilliant glass palette. Recap on colours in general - deciding on your colour "toolbox". Plus whatever you wish......... This is a workshop; we can share ideas!

Where? Tuesdays by arrangement. I'm open to suggestions. I frequently visit L'Escala and there are many places around Girona where one can arrange informal workshops.

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